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At Mancini Law, we provide experienced representation for personal injury, workers’ compensation and real estate law.

Help For Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Claims

No one wants to deal with a personal injury or a workplace injury. When it happens, it’s shocking and bewildering. You may wonder, “How did this happen?” More importantly, you want to know “How do you fix it?” That’s where we can help.

At Mancini Law, our attorneys understand your confusion and circumstances. We have helped many people in situations similar to yours, and we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve after suffering these types of injuries.

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Don’t Expect An Insurance Company To Rescue You

Insurance companies often project a homey “We’ll take care of you” image. Sadly, the reality is these are multibillion-dollar enterprises whose main focus is on profitability. They employ armies of adjusters, investigators and lawyers to protect that profit.

To level the playing field, you need your own professional. Our attorneys at Mancini Law are well-acquainted with their tactics and strategies, and we can help protect your interests and claims. We take the time to learn what happened, explain potential options, and ensure paperwork is timely filed and engineered to make the most compelling arguments supported by available evidence to obtain the compensation you need.

What Our Clients Say

I came to Attorney Mancini because of a personal injury that involved a serious fall and multiple surgeries over 2 years. He was able to obtain for me a settlement using a mediator that I believe was fair compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of ability to resume completely activities I enjoyed prior to the accident.
– Jean Skwirz

I would like to thank Nick and his team for their work on my workmen’s compensation case. You are certainly a professional. After our first visit I was confident that you would have my back when it came time to negotiate with my employer.
– Norman Wright

Nick and his team made the sale of my home very easy. The staff is friendly and attentive and Nick is an all around great guy. I highly recommend him for any of your needs!
– Nicole Allen

Nick was extremely professional, responsive and helpful every step of the way with our case from start to finish. Alex who works in his office kept me informed constantly, they were both true professionals.
– Mac B

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