What Happens When A Work Injury Is Also A Personal Injury?

In many work injury cases, there is also an element of the accident that is caused by a negligent third party: someone who is not a coworker or your employer, but a third-party contractor, vendor, supplier, manufacturer or driver.

These types of cases are called third-party liability claims, and they can be complicated. It is best to work with an experienced lawyer who knows Connecticut workers’ compensation law as well as third-party injury claims. At Mancini Law in Watertown, injured workers and their families rely on our attorneys for experienced legal counsel in these complex matters. You can learn more today by calling for a free consultation to discuss your specific case.

We Have Experience In Many Types Of Workplace Injury Cases

Workplace accidents and injuries have numerous causes, but some of the most common cases we see involve:

In these cases, you may be able to file a personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. You will still receive your workers’ compensation benefits and may also receive compensation from a third-party suit that will include damages for your losses, and pain and suffering, which is not covered by workers’ compensation.

Why Do You Need Additional Compensation?

In serious workplace injury cases, receiving additional compensation may be critical to your well-being today and in the future. Workers’ compensation will cover your medical expenses and pay a lump sum for schedule losses, such as amputations, loss of hearing or sight, and damage to your liver, heart or lungs.

A severe or fatal injury may require more compensation than workers’ compensation provides, however. If you can no longer work, or if you lost a wage-earning family member, you will likely need more than workers’ compensation benefits. Fortunately, our extensive experience with personal injury cases is your advantage.

Let’s Talk Today About Workers’ Compensation And A Separate Personal Injury Claim

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