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Representing Your Interests After An Accident

Your life may come to a standstill after a severe accident; however, your financial and family obligations do not. It can be difficult to focus on your recovery in the face of mounting medical bills and daily living expenses. You don’t have to face this overwhelming time alone when you turn to us at Mancini Law.

For over a decade, our attorneys have helped Connecticut residents pursue compensation for injuries they’ve sustained in preventable accidents. Our extensive experience with personal injury matters allows us to identify the strategies that work best for your situation. If you need a strong ally in the courtroom or in negotiations, you can count on us to stand up for your best interests.

Experienced With A Variety Of Cases

Whether you believe that your injury is minor or serious, a skilled attorney can help you protect your claim and avoid missteps that can jeopardize your payout. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that insurance providers will give you the damages that you seek without a fight. Insurance companies and at-fault businesses fight tirelessly to limit payouts; this is why you need Mancini Law.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals has secured favorable outcomes for clients recovering from a range of incidents that include:

  • Car accidents and other types of motor vehicle accidents
  • Accidents occurring in dangerous property, including slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, landscaping accidents and injuries caused by negligent security
  • Dog attacks
  • Medical malpractice claims arising from a failure to diagnose, failure to treat, a misdiagnosis and other forms of malpractice
  • Injuries caused by defective or hazardous products, also known as “product liability cases”
  • Third-party liability claims, which refer to accidents caused at work by contractors and other parties

Time is critical after an accident. We move swiftly to obtain evidence that can strengthen your case and can help you find a medical provider to give you the treatment you need. We will do everything in our power to limit your legal burden during this challenging time. Connect with us and begin working toward a positive resolution.

Have A Claim? Contact Us.

In Connecticut, accident victims and their loved ones have a short time period to take legal action. Delaying can cost you, which is one reason that we offer free consultations.

Speak to a lawyer who cares and get the sound advice you need. You can reach our Watertown office online or over the phone at 860-325-7347.