3 things people generally need to do after a dog bites a person

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People often approach a dog enthusiastically with little regard for their personal safety. After all, the average canine is happy to interact with humans and will often greet them with a wagging tail. However, there are also dogs who are very defensive of their bodies, their spaces or their owners. They may interpret the behavior of an individual as a threat and could become aggressive with very little forewarning.

When dogs attack and injure people, the affected individuals often feel panicked and unsure of what to do. Remembering the three steps below can help people take effective action in response to a dog bite attack in Connecticut.

Secure the animal with the owner

Whenever possible, having the animal’s owner cooperate to secure it so that it cannot harm anyone else is an important first step to take after a dog bite attack. The owner of the animal can also provide the person bitten with crucial information, as they are liable for their animal’s actions and upkeep. People will usually need vaccination and licensing records for the animal and also contact information for the owner.

Obtain a medical evaluation

Anytime a dog attacks a human, it is often necessary to see a medical professional. One of the main reasons assistance is necessary is that infection is a common consequence of puncture wounds like those left behind in many dog bite attack. Doctors have the equipment to sanitize puncture wounds and can prescribe medication to prevent infection as well. The person may also require stitches if the injuries are severe or more extensive trauma care than that. For young children, the physical injuries may require care from a specialist, as they could otherwise lead to permanent and disfiguring scars.

Keep records of everything

From photographs of the initial injury to the statements from the hospital after the incident, the person affected by the dog bite attack will typically need records of everything that occurred if they hope to secure compensation for their injuries and other losses, like property damage expenses and loss of wages.

Homeowner’s insurance will typically cover verifiable expenses related to dog bite attacks, provided that the animal’s owner disclosed the animal’s presence and had appropriate coverage on their policy. If there isn’t an insurance policy that applies, then those records may help someone pursue a personal injury lawsuit after a dog bite incident. Knowing ahead of time what steps to take after a dog bite attack will help someone protect themselves medically and financially from an incident that was outside of their control.