Responding to dog bites and reclaiming your wellbeing

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Dog Bites

Since dogs are referred to as humans’ best friends, how often they bite humans can seem shocking. Whether you’ve been bitten by a dog before or not, you can imagine the physical and emotional trauma a victim can suffer when they’re attacked by an animal that is generally considered to be fully domesticated.

Suppose a dog bites you; you should know the recommended first-aid practices before you can seek medical care. If you’re in Connecticut, familiarizing yourself with dog bite laws can also help you understand if you qualify for compensation in the event of an attack.

Recommended first aid practices

As soon as you get bit by a dog, your first course of action should be to remove yourself from the situation and call 911. You can then use warm water and soap to thoroughly rinse the canine’s saliva off the wound. Apply gentle pressure to push out any saliva or debris that might be lodged inside the wound.

Once you’ve generously washed the wound, pat it dry and cover it up to help prevent dirt from sticking to it. You might want to apply direct pressure with a clean cloth to prevent excessive bleeding. Now that your wound is clean, you can wait for further medical care when the first responders arrive.

Medical care and recovery

The size of the dog that bit you, where they bit you and how aggressive they were will determine the severity of your injury. If the bite was deep, the bite’s location may need stitching to facilitate healing. In much more severe scenarios, victims of dog bites may even require reconstructive surgery. Your doctor should conduct the necessary tests to identify or rule out nerve damage. Ultimately, you can anticipate some scarring once the wound has healed.

Since dog bites can also cause psychological injuries, try to make sure you’re transparent with your doctor about any anxieties you may experience after the accident. This way, they can direct you to mental health services for early diagnoses.

Connecticut’s dog bite law

You will be pleased to know that Connecticut has a strict liability dog bite statute. In simpler terms, this means that there are few significant legal roadblocks to pursuing compensation for your injuries. The owner of the canine that bit you will generally be held responsible for your injuries even if their pet has never bitten anyone before.

While Connecticut’s dog bite law is fairly straightforward, navigating the claims process can still feel overwhelming when you’re recovering from such a traumatic injury. Therefore, you can benefit from speaking with a trusted legal team about your concerns. They can work to ensure that you’re ultimately awarded sufficient financial compensation to cover your medical bills.